Alexa & Tayah 37" x 39" RC print, 2010

Rachel & Christine 20" x 24" Fibre Print, 2012 

Ron & Dave 20" x 24" Fibre Print, 2012 

Grace & Tony 20" x 24" Fibre Print, 2012 

Brittany & Izilda 20" x 24" Fibre Print, 2012 

Base Pairs stems from two separate ideas which, together, seem more concrete than apart. Some of my previous work has focussed on eliminating and blurring the boundaries between digital and analog photography. Base Pairs takes the idea of a digital composite image (a technique prominent specifically in commercial applications) and overtly applies it to black and white film. The genetic aspect of the work derives from my own experience as an only child. Having an obviously limited gene pool, it has been natural for me to analyse the likeness of various siblings to each other.


Installation at Ed Video Guelph, ON. 2012

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