Changnae-ri Sports Festival, South Korea

Jae-Joon, a student at Changshin Elementary poses before his class performs during a festival

Third grade students Sowon and Soojin finishing lunch at Changshin Elementary, South Korea

A student naps in the food car on a southbound train from Seoul

Over crowded train car in Seoul

Steelheads player, Daniel DeSousa chases Nicolas Sicoly into the boards

Onlookers waiting for Keith Richards at TIFF

Erika Detota Straps in before the Rally of the Tall Pines, 2015

Erika Detota sets up caution cones alerting on-coming drivers of her shunt, at the Rally of the Tall Pines 2015

A pig is stunned in a slaughter house

A butcher checking the temperature of the smoke house

San Tropez

A junior bull-rider at a family rodeo in Pacific, Missouri 

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